How to Play an SYX File

By Stephen Lilley

An SYX file is a type of computer audio file that contains MIDI information. MIDI is a type of audio tone created entirely using the tones that a computer is capable of generating. If you want to play an SYX audio file on your computer, you'll need to have one of a few very specific programs. Unfortunately, none of these programs come native to the Windows operating system so they will need to be downloaded and installed.

Step 1

Purchase or download one of the programs that is capable of playing the .SYX file format from its developer website. (See Resources.) Once you have downloaded the program, double-click the download file to install the software onto your computer. The software must be installed before you can play your .SYX file.

Step 2

Right-click the .SYX file you want to play.

Step 3

Click "Open With."

Step 4

Click the name of the program you obtained in "Step 1." In the case of Sonar and WinSysEx, the .SYX file will begin to play. In the case of Sysx2MIDI, the file will be converted to a .MIDI file which you can play in Windows Media Player by double-clicking on the file that is created.