How to Play Solitaire on a Mac

By Alexander Poirier

Every Mac computer has access to the Mac App Store, as long as you have an Internet connection.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Solitaire has been one of the many staples of the Windows operating system since the release of Windows 3.0 and has always been something Windows users could hold over the heads of Mac users. Simply because solitaire does not come preinstalled on Mac computers does not mean it is not available, however. Through the use of the Mac App Store, you can download one of the many versions of solitaire available and be playing solitaire on your Mac computer in a few simple steps.

Click the "App Store" icon in the computer's dock to launch the Mac App Store. You can also find it in the Apple pull down menu at the top of your screen. You must be connected to the Internet.

Click the search bar in the upper-right corner of the App Store window to place the computer's text cursor there.

Type "Solitaire" in the search bar and press the "Enter" key. The App Store will now generate a list of the applications that match your search criteria.

Click on the price listed beneath the solitaire application you want to download. Some of the solitaire applications available are "Solitaire!," "Free Solitaire 3D" and "McSolitaire."

Click the "Install App" button beneath the solitaire application. The app will automatically be downloaded and installed onto the computer.

Click the "Finder" icon in the computer's dock, followed by the "Applications" folder icon. Double-click the application icon for the solitaire application you downloaded in Step 5. The application will now launch and you may begin playing solitaire on your Mac computer.