How to Play an SFK

by Stephen Lilley

A file with a .SFK file extension is a very specific type of sound file saved in a format developed by Sony. The .SFK file extension can be both created and played in one of three different Sony programs--Sony Sound Forge Pro, Sony ACID Pro or Sony Vegas Pro. Playing the file requires having at least one of these programs installed on your computer.

Purchase and install one of the three programs capable of playing the SFK file format if you have not already done so. These programs can be purchased at a variety of retailers both on the Internet as well as in your area, like Best Buy or Staples. Put the installation CD into your computer to install the program.

Right-click on the SFK file you want to play.

Click "Open With."

Click the name of the program you want to use to play the file. You can pick between either Sony Sound Forge Pro, Sony ACID Pro or Sony Vegas Pro. Whichever one is listed is the one installed on your system. Clicking the name of the program will play the file on screen.

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