How to Play PS2 on Your Laptop

By Marques Williams

To play PS2, or any console, on a laptop, you must have an emulator. An emulator is computer software mimics the video game console and allows the user to play various games of that console through roms, which is a backup file of the game, or by using the actual game CDs and putting them into the CD drive.

Determine the specs of your computer. The minimum requirements for a PS2 emulator to run properly is a processor that supports SSE2, which is Pentium 4 or Athlon64 and above; a graphics card that supports Pixel Shaders 2.0; and 512 MB of RAM. Using the minimum and anything below can result in slow processing and choppy graphics.

Download and install an emulator. One emulator that seems to be growing in popularity is PCXS2. A link can be found in the Resources section.

Run the emulator. Once the program is open, you can configure details to fit your needs, such as using a keyboard or a controller.

Insert the PS2 game into the CD drive, go to "File" and select "Run."