How to Play PS2 on Your Laptop

By Marques Williams

To play PS2, or any console, on a laptop, you must have an emulator. An emulator is computer software mimics the video game console and allows the user to play various games of that console through roms, which is a backup file of the game, or by using the actual game CDs and putting them into the CD drive.

Step 1

Determine the specs of your computer. The minimum requirements for a PS2 emulator to run properly is a processor that supports SSE2, which is Pentium 4 or Athlon64 and above; a graphics card that supports Pixel Shaders 2.0; and 512 MB of RAM. Using the minimum and anything below can result in slow processing and choppy graphics.

Step 2

Download and install an emulator. One emulator that seems to be growing in popularity is PCXS2. A link can be found in the Resources section.

Step 3

Run the emulator. Once the program is open, you can configure details to fit your needs, such as using a keyboard or a controller.

Insert the PS2 game into the CD drive, go to "File" and select "Run."