How to Play PBS Kids Games Online

By Jessica Reed

i Photo by Deryck Hodge, Available through Creative Commons License

If you're looking for educational and entertaining children's games, look no further than the PBS kids Web site. PBS is always adding games to teach children skills such as reading and counting. The games are family friendly and simple enough for a child to figure out the instructions.

Step 1

Open the PBS kids games Web site. (There is a link below.)

Step 2

Click on one of the main pictures in the middle of the screen to play one of today's popular games.

Step 3

Click the circles at the bottom to see lists of games related to PBS programs.

Step 4

Click the left or right arrows on either side of the circles to scroll through all the games. After clicking a circle and finding a game you want to play, click the picture of the game.

Step 5

Wait for the game to load and click "Play." Depending on the game you choose, there may be different options. Click different parts of the screen to find different activities.

Step 6

Listen to the game's instructions and watch the screen to figure out how to play the game you've chosen. When you want to quit, hit the back button to find a new game to play.