How to Play Pandora on an iPhone Through the Computer

By Daniel Hatter

Stream Pandora music using AirPlay from a Mac or iOS device.
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Pandora for iPhone is a free app that can be used to play streaming music. Though the iPhone does have an internal speaker, music is usually more enjoyable when played from higher-quality external speakers. One option for doing this is to connect your iPhone to your computer's line-in or microphone port, which makes it possible for you to utilize your computer speakers. Once connected, all you need to do is configure a few audio settings on your computer. Pandora can run through the entire process.

Step 1

Open the Pandora app on your iPhone, log in to your account or follow the prompts to create an account and then select a station. Music will begin playing through your iPhone's internal speakers. If desired, you can wait to open Pandora until after your iPhone is connected and configured with your computer.

Step 2

Connect one end of a 3.5 millimeter audio cord to your iPhone's audio-out port and connect the other end to your computer's line-in or microphone port. It doesn't matter which you use; most laptops don't even have a line-in port.

Step 3

Open the Start menu on your computer, click "Control Panel," type "sound" in the search bar and then click "Sound" when it appears in the results list. Open the "Recording" tab and click "Line In" or "Microphone" -- whichever port you used to connect the 3.5 millimeter audio cord.

Step 4

Click the "Properties" button, open the "Levels" tab and click to unmute the port if it is currently muted. Click the "Apply" button, open the "Listen" tab, check the "Listen to this device" check box and then click "Apply" and "OK." Audio from Pandora on your iPhone will now play through your computer speakers.