How to Play Online Games Offline

By Paul Lin

Online flash games have become popular with upgraded graphics and gameplay over the years and playing them can become addicting. If you are hooked on an online game or simply want to play the game without having to connect to the Internet, websites and programs allow you to download your online game so you can play it offline. So next time you want to play, don't let the lack of an Internet connection stop you.

Download the File

Step 1

Go to the page where the flash game is located and copy down the page URL.

Step 2

Go to File2HD website (see Resources) and paste your URL into the box. Check the "I have read the agree to the Terms and Services" box.

Step 3

Set the filter to "Objects" and click the button marked "Get Files."

Right click on the link below the filter options and choose "Save Link As." Set the destination where you want your game to save to on your computer. The extension file should save in the .swf format.

Play the Game Offline

Step 1

Download and install the FlashOffliner software (see Resources).

Step 2

Click "Create New Flash Offliner Package" and select the file you have downloaded from the File2HD website. Create a new name for your downloaded game and it should create a new file extension ".fop" for you.

Step 3

Right-click on the FlashOffliner icon and select "Install FlashOffliner Option." Choose the file you just created with a ".fop" extension to install the game.

Wait for installation to be complete. Next time you open the FlashOffliner program, you should be able to play your flash games offline without an Internet connection.