How to Play a MP4 on a Vista Media Center

by Andrew Meer

The Windows Media Center utility found on Premium and Ultimate editions of the Windows Vista operating system supports a range of video and audio file formats. However, the program doesn't feature built-in support for the MP4 (MPEG-4) file format. If you want to play an MP4 file using the Windows Vista Media Center, download and install a MP4 codec, which is software used to compress and decompress digital meia files, from a third-party website.

Download and install a MP4 codec package. After installing the codec, open Windows Explorer. Go to the location of the MP4 file that you want to open in the Windows Vista Media Center.

Right-click the file and point to the option labeled "Open with" on the context menu. Select the "Choose default program" option on the submenu to access a list of programs.

Click on "Windows Media Center" to select it from the list of programs.

Play the MP4 file on the Windows Vista Media Center by clicking "OK."


  • check If possible, restart your computer after installing the MP4 codec.

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