How to Play Quicktime Movies in Windows Media Player

by Mitchell White
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Movie files that play on the Quicktime movie player are in the MOV format. This format is incompatible with Windows Media Player normally. But you can get an MOV file to play on your Windows Media Player program by installing a codec, which is something that enhances what your video player can do. A QuickTime codec will let you play MOV files on WMP.

Step 1

Download the install file for a Quicktime codec such as 3ivx or Quicktime Alternative (see Resource list). These files are free to download.

Step 2

Install the file by double-clicking on it once it finishes downloading to your computer. You should see an icon of the file in the little bar in the bottom right corner of Windows.

Right-click on your MOV file and select "Open With." Choose "Windows Media Player" from the various options. The program should now open and begin playing your file.


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