How to Play an ISO File on a DVD Player

By Nicholas Wyatt

To play an ISO image on your DVD player instead of mounting on a visual drive and watching on your computer, you must first burn the ISO images onto a DVD-R/RW. It is also possible to mount your ISO image in a virtual drive and copy the .avi, .mpeg, mpeg-3 or 4, etc. video files to your computer before you burn those video files onto a DVD-R/RW.

Acquire files

Step 1

Download your choice of an ISO burning program and install on your computer.

Step 2

Place your DVD-R/RW into your computer burning drive.

Step 3

Open your ISO burning program and click "Search for ISO" or "Search for File". Look for either your ISO image or your video file of choice. Select it.

Step 4

Select your burning "write speed," "buffer level," and the option to "close the program after burn and eject" to your preference.

Select "Burn" and your DVD-R/RW will be burned. Place into your DVD player.