How to Play iPod Games on a PC

By Jennifer Ramirez

Apple iPods have become popular personal electronics.
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Running iPod games on the computer is much easier than you might think. Running emulators on your computer allows you to run other operating systems and devices on a computer. This is often used for developing purposes but can be enjoyed by anyone. Downloading the iPod emulator on to your computer is simple to do and is very safe if downloaded from a trusted website. The iPod emulator allows you to run all the same apps you would on an iPod, but on your computer.

Step 1

Go to Apple's developer center to find the official emulator for the iPod. Check to make sure that your computer system meets the minimum requirements for the emulator. This will ensure that it operates properly once installed on your computer.

Step 2

Download and install the emulator. Once you have installed the emulator you will need to open it and begin installing the applications that you would like to run on it.

Step 3

Access the App Store through the emulator and search for the games and apps you would like to install. The App Store can be accessed through the emulator just as it would be on the iPod, by clicking on the App Store icon displayed on the screen.

Step 4

Open the emulator on your computer and test out the apps and games. Sometimes the applications on your iPod will not work quite right on the computer's emulator, so it is important to know if the applications that you want to use on your computer are functional on the emulator.

Step 5

Use the emulator as you would use the actual device. On the emulator you will see all the same controls as the real iPod except that all the gestures and buttons are activated with the mouse. For example, when you would press on the device's screen or navigational wheel to make a selection, on the emulator you would click on the screen instead.