How to Play iPhone Tunes Through PC Speakers (7 Steps)

By Terry Parker

Even an inexpensive pair of computer speakers may greatly improve the Dynex TV's sound output.
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Many iPhone owners are not aware they can listen to songs stored on their iPhone over their PC speakers. The most straightforward way to listen to the iPhone over external PC speakers is simply to plug the speaker jack into the earphone jack of the iPhone. The iPhone earphone jack supports the same size adapter as the speaker jack. However, you can also use the “Line In” jack on your computer and play music files on your iPhone through the speakers connected to your PC.

Step 1

Plug the 3.5 mm stereo cable into the iPhone earphone jack, and then plug the other end of the cable into the “Line In” port on the computer.

Step 2

Click the Windows “Start” button and then click the “Control Panel” option in the menu that appears.

Step 3

Click the “Sound” option, and then click the tab labeled “Recording.” Click the "Line In" option, and then click "Properties." You can also right-click the “Speaker” icon in the Windows system tray, if available.

Step 4

Click the tab labeled "Levels," and then click the "Mute" button to unmute the sound, if activated. Click the "Apply" button.

Step 5

Click the tab labeled "Listen."

Step 6

Tick the “Listen to this device” check box, and then click “OK.”

Step 7

Open an audio file on the iPhone. The song will play through the computer’s speakers.