How to Play a Hyundai Karaoke Disc on a Computer

By James Clark

Load special software on a computer to transform the PC into a karaoke machine for playing CDs.
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Hyundai karaoke discs are programmed with music, video and scrolling lyrics for playback on a karaoke machine connected to a TV or monitor. These discs can also be played on a computer by installing software to transform the PC into a functional karaoke machine. A variety of software packages are available to install on different computer operating platforms. Freeware (free software) is also available for download from the Internet so a computer with a CD-ROM drive can be used to play Hyundai karaoke discs.

Match the system requirements of a karaoke software package with the capabilities of the computer. Open the Control Panel for the computer to select "System" then click on "View RAM and Processor Speed" to check the RAM and processing capabilities of the computer to compare them with the software requirements. Check available hard drive space by clicking "Computer" then right-clicking on "Hard Disc Drive" to select "Properties." This will display a pie graph showing the remaining space on the hard drive, as well as listing the available space in gigabytes.

Place the CD software in the computer's disc-drive tray and close the tray, or click the "Download" button on a software website. Popular karaoke software sites are listed in the References section.

Click the onscreen prompt buttons to advance through the software installation. This typically involves clicking the "Next" button and selecting options by clicking the mouse in a box or circle next to each choice. Restart the computer when the installation is complete.

Plug the microphone cord into the Line IN jack on the computer tower back panel. Plug the speaker cable into the Line OUT jack.

Eject the computer disc-drive tray and insert a Hyundai karaoke disc.

Open the karaoke software by double-clicking the name of the program.

Click the "Play" button on the software interface. Any videos on the disc, as well as scrolling song lyrics, will display on the computer monitor. Adjust speaker volume to preference.