How to Play Hearts on the Computer

by Contributor

Windows comes with several accessories and games including Hearts. In this card game, you gain points by picking up hearts or the Queen of Spades. The object is to get as few points as possible.

Click "Start" at the bottom of your Windows screen. Choose "Programs" and then "Games." Click "Hearts" to open the game.

Type your name in the "What is your name" box. Click "OK" to start the game. Cards for four players will appear on the screen. You can only view your own cards.

Choose 3 cards to pass to the player on your left. Picking 3 of the same suit is a good strategy. Pass the Queen of spades if possible. Click "Pass Left." Click "OK" to accept 3 cards that were passed to you by the player on the right.

Play a card by following suit. The player with the 2 of clubs starts. Play is clockwise. Click the card you want to play. If you cannot follow suit, play a high card of a different suit. Do not play a heart. The player with the highest card in the original suit takes the cards.

Play your next card by following suit. The player who had the highest card starts. Play is clockwise.

Start round two by passing 3 cards to the right. Start round 3 by passing 3 cards across. Start round 4 by playing your given cards. No cards are passed. Repeat until 12 rounds are completed.

View the tally at the end of the game. The computer gives you one point for each heart you received and 13 points for the Queen of Spades. The player with the lowest score wins.


  • close Try not to get any hearts.
  • close Try not to get the Queen of Spades.
  • close Do not lead with a heart. A heart must be played in an earlier round before it can be led.

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