How to Play the Harmonica Online for Free

By Missy J. Talbot

Learn to play the harmonica online.
i harmonica image by Claudio Calcagno from

The harmonica is heard in all types of music, from rock to blues to funk. If you want to master the harmonica, which has been played for hundreds of years, the best thing to do is practice, practice, practice. The harmonica is a real instrument and you need to have one in order to really learn how to play. However, you can do a lot of learning online--by reading up on the instrument, learning tabs, doing lessons and even participating in online jams.

Go to Discover a Hobby. Here, you can read about the harmonica and compare the pictures to the harmonica that you have. You can learn tips for playing the harmonica and the basics behind how the harmonica actually works. At this site, you can also learn how to read harmonica tabs, which are pieces of music especially written for harmonica parts, and how to read piano music to correspond with the harmonica.

Go to Harmonica Lessons. Here, you can learn how to play the harmonica by taking actual online lessons. These lessons will help you learn the basics behind playing the harmonica and you can practice real songs. You can also read harmonica tabs to learn how to play other songs.

Go to Harmonica Jam. Here, you can find an actual Harmonica Jam where you can make music on an online harmonica.The online jam isn't always going on, because it is a live event. But the site will list when the next jam will occur. Even if the harmonica jam is not working, you can visit with other harmonica players in the chat rooms and download harmonica tabs at this site.