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The PSP's default system does not allow you to listen to music while playing a game. Through customized firmware and fan-made mods, however, you can modify your PSP to allow you to play music and games at the same time. There is a risk involved with this -- improperly installed mods can "brick" your PSP, rendering it completely unusable. While the risk is small, it's one to consider when deciding whether to modify your PSP with custom firmware.

Step 1

Install the customized firmware of your choice on your PSP. How you will go about modifying your PSP depends both on the PSP you have and the firmware you intend to use. All PSPs have the ability to run "homebrew" plug-ins -- plug-ins made by other PSP users. See resources for a couple of tutorials on how to install customized firmware on your PSP.

Step 2

Download the MP3 plug-in for the PSP to your computer. The download link is available under resources. There are multiple files involved in adding the plug-in to your PSP. These files will be downloaded in one ZIP file. Extract this file into a new folder on your computer.

Step 3

Insert your PSP memory stick into your computer. You will be using the memory stick to move the plug-in from your computer to your PSP.

Step 4

Copy the files "music_conf.txt" and "music.prx" to the "seplugins" folder on your memory stick. If this is the first plug-in you've installed, you can copy the entire "seplugins" folder to your memory stick. Additionally, you will need to modify the text files "game.txt" and "vsh.txt" by adding the line "ms0:/seplugins/music.prx" to this file.

Step 5

Turn off the PSP completely. You will have to hold down the power button for at least two seconds.

Turn on your PSP while holding down the R button to enter recovery mode. This is where you'll install the plug-in on your PSP. Go to "Plugins," and enable "music.prx." Once enabled, you can leave recovery mode and use the PSP as normal.


  • You cannot fix a bricked PSP, and installing customized firmware and mods will void your warranty. If you choose to modify your PSP, you do so at your own risk.


  • It's a good idea to read the "Read Me" file included with the plug-in. The "Read Me" file details the full capabilities and features of the plug-in, as well as noting any known errors.


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