How to Play FLV Files on a Mac

By Andrew Smith

FLV files are types of video files that can be downloaded onto any Mac computer. Unfortunately for Mac users, though, FLV files are not compatible with Quicktime. This fact keeps Mac users from playing FLV files unless the user knows how to convert the file. However, converting the FLV file is not necessary to play the file on a Mac computer. By downloading and installing the proper media player, you can easily watch any FLV file on a Mac.

Step 1

Click the VLC media player link in the Resources section to download the program.

Step 2

Click the download link underneath the "Latest Mac OS X package" heading at the top of the Web page. Once you do, your Mac will begin downloading the VLC media player installation.

Step 3

Open the VLC media player installation program. Follow the on-screen instructions to install VLC media player onto your Mac.

Step 4

Open the VLC media player, click "File" and select "Open File."

Step 5

Search for the FLV file you want to play. Select that file, and it will open and begin playing in the VLC media player.