How to Play an FLV File on a DVD Player

By LangstonD

Some functions can be transferred from the Internet to a DVD player.
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FLV files have become familiar with the growth in popularity of Youtube and many Flash-based websites. Flash video format can hold high-quality images and audio. Users might be tempted to play back FLV files on DVD players. This can be done with simple conversion and DVD burning. Freeware applications for FLV conversion are readily available online.

Download the FLV that you wish to convert into a file format that is appropriate for your DVD player. Some downloaders allow you to convert the file during this process.

Add the FLV file to your favorite conversion software. Online versions of FLV converter software are available. File formats supported by most DVD players are MP3, WMA, MP4 and WMV, as well as AVI.

Open the converted file with your DVD burning or authoring program. A drag-and-drop system that is native to Windows doesn't work when burning a DVD that will play in a DVD player.

Place the finished DVD into the DVD player and enjoy the video.