How to Play a Floppy Disc

by Tiffany Garden

Floppy discs are not commonly used in 2011, but they have been used as magnetic removable storage media in the past. External floppy drives are sometimes used for boot discs and driver installation during operating system repairs, so knowing how to use a floppy disc drive is helpful if you are in a situation where you cannot use other forms of removable media. You do need a floppy disc drive to use floppy discs. If you do not have a floppy drive installed in your computer, external floppy drives that connect to your computer's USB ports are available.

Insert the floppy disc into the floppy disc drive on your computer.

Click "Start" and "Computer."

Double-click your floppy drive icon in the Computer window. The floppy disc contents are displayed on the page. Double-click any of the items in this window to open them. Some floppy discs may have an auto-run program that automatically runs when you insert the disc into the computer.

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