How to Play FLAC Files

by Tony Breedlove

FLAC (Free Loss-less Audio Codec) is a method of compressing and decompressing audio files, much like MP3; however, there are some very important differences. MP3 compression causes bits of the audio information to be deleted from the original recording so it is called a "lossy" codec. FLAC is a "loss-less" codec, so the FLAC file is exactly the same quality as the original recording. Another difference is that FLAC is a free codec, so manufacturers do not have to pay royalty fees to the developers of FLAC (every MP3 player maker must pay a royalty fee to the MP3 codec developers). FLAC is quickly becoming the number one codec for backing up original music. The FLAC codec is now being included in portable players; much like MP3 players, there are now players that will play FLAC files.

Download, install and run the free FLAC player (see Resources).

Click "Open File..."

Left-click and drag the FLAC file to the playlist.

Go to a site like Amazon and right-click on the album picture and click "Copy Image."

Right-click "Drag Album Artwork Here" and click "Paste" (the dragging function does not always work so it is better to copy and paste).

Double-click on your FLAC file to play it.


  • check Although there is a FLAC codec for Windows Media Player, it has some problems playing all FLAC files so it is better to use a player like Songbird, which has the FLAC codec built into it and is supported full time by a team of programmers.

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