How to Play WMA Files on an Apple Mac Os/X

By Farrah Davis

Listening to .wma files on your Mac computer
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Most people love their Mac and would not use anything else but, let's face it, when it comes to playing your electronic collection of music it could be a headache. Mac OS X and iTunes are not compatible with .wma files, one of the most common music file types. Fortunately, there are several options out there to get all your music files ready to use on your Mac. If you want all of your music in your iTunes library you'll need to convert the files. If you're not dead set on using iTunes, you may not even have to convert the files at all.

Check out the Easy WMA software provided by Apple. This program allows you to convert .wma files to a file type that is compatible with your operating system. An easy to use set-up makes it easy to get files ready to play in iTunes or other media players. Convert files one at a time or by batch, drag, drop and listen. To get the software, visit the Apple website.

Convert your .wma files easily with Switch by NCH Software if you want to be able to play your favorite songs from your iTunes library. Download the program directly from the NCH Software site and start converting. As with Easy WMA, you can convert files one at a time or by batch if you have a large library of .wma files.

Download the Windows Media Player for Mac if you're not set on using your iTunes as your main media library. This program does not require you to convert the files, and plays almost all .wma files. If you have DRM protected .wma files this program wont work for you, but almost all other .wma files will play without any hassle. Download the program directly from the Apple or Windows websites to start listening to your favorite music now.