How to Play Family Feud Without Downloading

By Mark Keller

You don't have to download the Family Feud video game to have a great time playing it. With the use of Flash technology, you can play the popular TV quiz game right in your web browser.

Go to a website that has Family Feud available in Flash, such as and Some sites may ask you to log in so you can get your name in the scoreboard if you win, but others allow you to play immediately. Click on the page with the Family Feud game, and wait for Flash to load the game data.

Once the game has loaded, press the "Start" button. You'll be taken to the first round of the game, in which you have to guess as many answers to a single question as possible in 20 seconds. The questions are generally trivia or opinion-related, and the answers are those most often given when asked of 100 people. Type in your answer and either press "Submit" or the Enter key on your keyboard. Once you guess wrong three times, or get all the right answers, your score will be tallied and you'll be taken to the next round.

Round two is the same format but with a different, possibly more difficult question. Questions range from things like, "What do people do when given a shot?" to "What is a good gift for a pirate?" When the round is finished, your two scores will be added together.

The third and fourth rounds are played the same, but scores in the third round are doubled, and those in the fourth round are tripled.

The last round of the game is called "Big Money." Instead of multiple answers to one question, you'll be asked five questions over the course of a minute. You'll then be asked the same questions a second time, but you have to give different answers. Your score is based on how many people replied the same way to each question as you. For instance, if your answer to a question is "Baseball," and 60 people answered "Baseball" as well, you gain 60 points. If you manage to get 200 points or more, you'll get 20,000 bonus points and win.