How to Play .Exe Games on a Mac

by Richard Bonilla

Games with the .exe format are designed to run on a PC, but with the creation of parallel programs, you can play PC files and programs on your Intel-based Mac. If you own a copy of Windows operating system, you can use Apple's Bootcamp program to install and run Windows programs; however, if you want to avoid spending money on a copy of Windows, you can use Crossover, a program that runs Windows programs on your Mac.

Visit the Codeweavers website and download the Crossover program. Since Crossover is the only program available to run Windows programs without having to purchase Windows software, this is the best option to play your .exe games without having to pay for extra software.

Enter your basic credit card information to finalize your purchase.

Open Crossover. Type the name of the .exe file you wish to play and click "Open."


  • check As of 2010, the price for a standard Windows edition is $119 compared to $40 for a Crossover program. Windows 7 uses 16 GB of memory while Crossover uses 120 MB of memory.


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