How to Play a DVR TSP File

By Curt Lanning

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Most satellite and cable companies are offering this option now. The company your subscribe to will provide a set-top box of some kind that will enable you to record TV shows onto that box and watch them later. You can take the hard drive out of the DVR and hook it up to your computer to watch the video files on there. When you copy the files off the DVR, they will be in a TSP format, and you'll need a program to convert them before you play them.

Download "PVR Explorer Pro" (see the "Resources" section of this article).

Click on the zipped folder when it finishes downloading with the right mouse button. Select "Extract All." Windows will open a wizard to unzip the folder.

Click the "Next" button in the wizard. Wait for Windows to extract the file inside. When it finishes, click the "Finish button." Double click on the EXE file that extracted from the zipped folder.

Click the "OK" button to exit the warning when the program launches. The warning is just telling you that the program doesn't detect any DVR hard drive connected to your computer.

Click the "Yes" button when the program automatically asks if you want to open a folder with TSP files in it. Then, find the folder in the window provided and click on it once. Click the "OK" button. Wait for the program to find and import any TSP files it finds in the folder.

Click the "Extract Programs" button. Wait for the program to finish converting your TSP files to MPG files.

Click on "Start" and "Documents" when the program finishes converting your TSP files. Then, double-click on the "Videos" folder. Find the converted TSP files (they will now be MPG files) in that folder and double click on them. Windows Media Player will open and play your TSP files.