How to Play DVD-R Discs

By Cassie Skelley

You can play DVD-R dics in your DVD player.
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DVD-R or Digital Video Disc - Recordable discs are blank DVD discs that can have content such as movies recorded to them. DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and other DVD formats are different types of DVD layering for the disc. These formats are all recognized by most all DVD players. After you have burned a movie to a DVD-R disc, playing it is easy.

Insert the DVD-R disc into your DVD player.

Press the close button on your DVD player to close the DVD tray.

Press "Play" when the DVD-R disc loads with your movie.

Double-click on a media player program icon if playing the DVD-R disc on your computer and go to "File" and "Open." Browse for your DVD-R disc and click on it. Press "Play" to play the movie.