How to Play DVD Movies on My DVD Player in Windows Vista

By Greyson Ferguson

Watch DVD movies on almost any Windows Vista system.
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Most Windows Vista computers now come with a built-in DVD drive. This allows individuals the ability to view DVD movies directly on the computer screen. Along with the DVD drive is default DVD player software, Windows Media Player, which comes with Windows Vista. A few other free-to-use programs are available to play and view DVDs.

Insert a DVD movie into the DVD drive of the Windows Vista computer. In a moment, an AutoPlay window will appear on the screen with a selection of different programs available to play the DVD movie. If the program does not load, click "Start," and select the program from the "All Programs" tab.

Choose the DVD software that you want to use, and the program will launch. Windows Media Player is the standard program used, although QuickTime, VLC and other third-party programs are also used.

Click "Play," and the inserted DVD movie will begin to play.