How to Play Continuously in YouTube Using an iPhone

By Brandy Alexander

You can enable YouTube videos to play consecutively.
i Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

When you access YouTube on your computer, you can continuously play videos in your playlist so that you don't have to click the "Play" button each time. This feature isn't available when you watch YouTube on your iPhone, which makes listening to a music playlist or watching a movie less enjoyable. To remedy this, you can install a free iPhone app that helps you to loop videos in a channel, in a playlist or in your favorites queue so that they automatically start one after the other.

Step 1

Tap the "App Store" icon on your iPhone and type "YouTube autoplay," "YouTube loop" or related terms in the search field. Tap "Search" to display a list of related offerings.

Step 2

Tap an app to review its description and reviews. For example, LoopTube enables you to automatically view your favorite videos in a loop, while iTubeList enables you to create playlists and then continuously play the videos. You can also use AutoPlay YouTube Videos LT, which enables you to automatically start and play your playlists in full-screen mode.

Step 3

Tap "Free" next to the title you want. Tap "Install App" and then follow the prompts to enter your Apple ID and password to install the app on your home screen.

Step 4

Tap your new app to launch it and enter your YouTube login, if required. Use the app menus to build a playlist and continuously play it. For instance, using iTubeList, tap the plus sign to create a list using data, such as a channel name or playlist ID, and then tap the name of your playlist to automatically start the videos. Each app works slightly differently, depending on the one you select.