How to Play a Cell Phone Video on a Computer

By Robert Schrader

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As time passes, greater numbers of cell phones are able to record video, in addition to still photography. The quality of the video file notwithstanding, one potential impediment to viewing these videos is the size and resolution of the cell phone screen on which you wish to watch them. A way around this issue is to watch cell phone videos on your computer, either by sending the files via email or by transferring them to your computer directly.

Step 1

Email the video to yourself if your cell phone is capable of sending emails. Enter your email account, create a new message and attach your video file to it. Send it to an email you can access on your computer. Keep in mind that the amount of time this takes depends both on the file's size and the speed of your mobile Internet or data connection.

Step 2

Transfer the video directly from your cell phone to your computer using a USB cable. Hook the USB cable first into your cell phone, then into your computer's USB port. Wait about 10 seconds. Double-click the "Open to View Files" option that appears on your computer screen, then navigate to your cell phone's video directly. Click to select the video file in question, then drag it into a folder on your computer or onto your desktop.

Step 3

Double-click your video to watch it in your default video-viewing program. View it using a specific program by launching the program, then searching for the file on your computer and opening it within the program.