How to Play a CD+G on a PC

by Alizarin Black

CD+G (Compact Disc plus Graphics) is a disc format containing audio, graphics and song lyrics. CD+G files are widely used by karaoke software programs that display the song lyrics and the graphics while the background music of the audio track is playing. The CD+G format is not common, so many media players cannot open or play these karaoke files. A few media players, such as VLC Player, Power CD+G Player Pro and Siglos Karaoke Player, play a CD+G on a PC.

VLC Player

Step 1

Download and install VLC Player (see Resources).

Step 2

Run VLC Player. Double-click "VLC Player" icon on the Desktop.

Step 3

Insert a CD+G into your CD-ROM drive.

Step 4

Click "Media" and then "Open Disc." A menu pops up on your screen.

Step 5

Click "CD" from the "Disc" tab. All tracks on the CD+G disc will appear.

Click "Play" to play a CD+G on your PC.

Power CD+G Player Pro

Step 1

Download, install and run Power CD+G Player Pro (see Resources).

Step 2

Click the "CD" icon on the right side to load the CD+G.

Click "Play," the icon that resembles a right arrow, to play the CD+G.

Siglos Karaoke Player

Step 1

Download, install and run Siglos Karaoke Player in (see Resources).

Step 2

Click "Load CD" on the right side of Siglos Karaoke Player. Your CD+G loads automatically.

Click "Play" to play a CD+G.


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