How to Play AVCHD Files in Media Player

By Alizarin Black

AVCHD, or Advanced Video Codec High Definition, is a video file format for playback and recording of high-definition video. Windows Media Player is a media player developed for Windows-based operating systems for audio and video playback. Windows Media Player 12 supports many video formats, including the AVCHD video format. In the past, you had to download separate third-party software to play AVCHD files in Media Player. Now Media Player saves you the hassle with their built-in AVCHD support.

Double-click the "Windows Media Player" icon on your desktop.

Click "Switch to Library" in the upper right corner of Media Player.

Click "Play" in the Player Library, locate the folder where you stored the AVCHD files and drag them to the list pane. The list pane is on the right side of Media Player's Player Library.

Double-click the AVCHD file to play it in Media Player.