How to Play Audio Books

by Ann White

Audio books are books that have been narrated onto an electronic recording. Audio books have become so popular in recent years, that even many public libraries offer downloadable versions for their patrons. When attempting to play an audio book there are particular features that every computer must have in place.

Search for the desired title on the website and verify that it is the correct book. Keep in mind that occasionally there may be a few books with the same title, so it can be helpful to know the author or publication information in advance.

Locate the download button on the website and follow that particular website's set of instructions for downloading the book. If going through a retail book seller, then payment will be required before a download can start. In addition, some audio book companies use specific software that may need to be downloaded before the audio book download can begin. In those instances, download the software in a separate window, then proceed with the audio book download.

Click on the downloaded book to begin listening. Once the book is downloaded onto the computer, then it will become available anytime for listening. Locate where the file was placed on the computer. Usually files are either stored in Windows Media Player or iTunes, depending on the type of computer used.

Verify volume levels on the computer if you are having difficulty listening to the book. Remember that volume is controlled in at least two locations on every computer. The first is on the computer's toolbar, usually signified by a small speaker icon. The second are the volume controls on the computer's speakers.

About the Author

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