Free Places to Advertise on the Internet

by Louise Balle

If you're operating on a shoestring budget, whether it be for a business, a charitable cause or a special event, there are ways to advertise on the Internet for free. There are sometimes trade-offs, such as a requirement that you advertise the website's products or refer other people to the site, but this can still be a great way to slowly grow your organization without upfront advertising costs.

For Advertising Events

If you are advertising an event, such as a party, concert or other social gathering, you can post the details on Craigslist's event calendar for free. allows you to post events that are happening just about anywhere in the world. For a club event or party, you can also post event listings at or


There are many important rules that you must follow when you post on Internet forums, but many sites will allow you to post quick information about your website, product or service in your signature for free. This is as long as the signature is not obnoxiously long and shameless in nature. You must create useful posts about the subject matter being discussed and build up your reputation in order to be taken seriously. You cannot spam other posters with information about your product or service. Popular forums can be found on, and It may be more useful to find forums that are only directly related to your business, such as painting forums if you are an artist by profession. Read the site's rules, terms, and conditions first before using this free advertising method.

Classified Websites

If you have a very small business or just a couple of items to sell, you can advertise your products and services on classified sites such as, and for free. These types of sites are able to offer the service for free because of online ads---your posting will help bring the site more Internet traffic.

Social Networking Sites

You can set up profiles on social networking websites for free to advertise your business. Simply establish a profile with all of the major social media websites, such as,, and Then post information about your products and services. This method will take some time and dedication, as you will need to post and update your profiles regularly and add new friends who can view your information. Again, do not spam friends with messages about your business, because they will just block you. Instead, set up an amazingly informative profile and allow your "friends" to come to you.

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