How to Place Push Pins in Bing Maps

By Jamie Poteat

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The Bing Maps tool lets you search online for cities, streets, hotels, shopping and more. Enter and view a location by aerial, street or birds-eye view. Bing offers the option of placing pushpins on the map. There is a limit of 10 pushpins per map. You can change the icon of the pushpin. There are 26 different icons to choose from. Adding pushpins to the map can help track where you have been or where your going.

Step 1

Type "" into your browser's address bar. Hit the "Enter" key. This works with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 or later and Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later. Bing Maps will not work with the Google Chrome brower. You will have to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2

Type in the road name, city or state in the Start field on the Bing Maps website. The Start field has a green flag icon beside it.

Step 3

Type in the road name, city or state in the End field on the Bing Maps website. The end field has a red flag icon beside it. If you want to pull a map up for a certain state, just type that state's name in both fields.

Step 4

Click "Get Directions" on the Bing Maps page. Look at the map, it is now zoomed into the location you entered.

Step 5

Right-click where you want to add a push pin on the map. Click on "Add a pushpin."

Step 6

Type in a title, add notes, add a URL and add a photo URL on the general tab that opens up in the window. You also have the option to take a 3D tour of location. Click on "Save" when you are finished.

Step 7

Scroll your mouse over the pushpin, it will display all the information you typed in. Your pushpin will be in plain view on the Bing map.