How to Place an iPhone Call on Hold

by Contributor

Your iPhone has the power to do several amazing things. With a simple touch, you can surf the web, listen to your favorite music, etc. Oh yeah, and you can make and receive calls with it. So, what about the phone basics? If you're on a call, can it be placed on hold? Yes, it can, and with relative ease. Here is how to place an iPhone call on hold.

Check the screen of your phone after you have placed a call or received a call. There will be a menu of call options that appear on the screen while the call is in progress.

Look for the hold option on the call menu. The Hold symbol on the screen will look like a pause sign.

Tap the Hold symbol on your phone to place the call on hold. When this option is in place, you will not be able to hear your caller, and the caller will not be able to hear you.

Tap the Hold symbol a second time to resume the phone call.

Tap the Mute symbol on your iPhone if you want to continue hearing the caller without them hearing you. The mute symbol looks like a microphone with a line slashed through it. Tap the Mute symbol a second time to allow the caller to hear you again.