How to Place a Three-Way Call on Virgin Mobile Phones

By Michael Ryan

Your Virgin Mobile phone supports three-way calling
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Making a three-way call using a Virgin Mobile phone is helpful if you need to have a quick business meeting or share information that you must relay to multiple friends simultaneously. Thanks to the easy-to-understand plans and phones offered by Virgin Mobile, the process to establish a three-way call is similar on all phones, and it is also similar to the process used on traditional landline phones. Once a three-way call is started, it can be ended by whoever initiated it, simply by hanging up the phone.

Step 1

Verify account balance. If you have a prepaid account, make sure you have enough money to cover the intended length of your phone call. You are charged your standard rate per minute for each of the calls you place. A three-way call is considered to be two simultaneous phone calls. So, if you have a three-way call that lasts for 30 minutes, you will be charged for a total of 60 minutes.

Step 2

Dial the first number. Enter the number in your phone or find it in the address and press the "Send" button.

Step 3

Establish connection with the first number. Once you are on the phone with the first party, you can dial the second outgoing number while remaining on the call with the first party.

Step 4

Dial the second number. Enter the number on your phone and press the send button. Your phone will call the second number and establish a separate connection while the first call is on hold.

Step 5

Establish three-way call. While on the second call, press the send button to combine the two calls and start the three-way call.