How to Place an Ad on Gulf News for Free

By Christina Dillon

Post job ads for free with Gulf News's classified ad service.
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GNAds4U is the name of the classified section of Gulf News, a United Arab Emirates newspaper that offers print and online versions of its news. You can place an ad here for jobs, cars and housing among other goods, services and announcements. Basic ads are free to create, and require that you complete a simple online form.

Visit, and click "Place an Ad." Choose your type of ad from the category list that includes "Jobs," "Wheels," "Properties," and "Classifieds."

Select a classification, or subcategory, from the dropdown list. For example, if you chose the "Wheels" category, you may select cars or motorcycles from the list. If it is available, select a sub-classification from the dropdown list.

Choose whether you would like to run the ad for one or two weeks. Enter your email address, and click "Next."

Enter your contact details including your first and last name, password and country of residence. Write a title for your ad, and enter the ad's text. Select any attributes that support your advertisement, and then add your physical location and phone number.

Click "Next" to preview and confirm your ad.