PIXMA Mp500 Scan Instructions

by Steven Symes

The Pixma MP500 printer has the capability to perform more functions than just printing documents. The printer also acts as a fax machine, copier and flatbed scanner. Underneath the printer's top cover is a large glass plane, called the scanning glass, where documents are scanned into digital files. You can choose to send a scanned document to the scanning software on the computer, attach it to an email, open it with a number of programs on the computer or save it as a PDF file.

Turn on the printer and the attached computer. Open the printer's top cover to reveal the scanning glass pane.

Place the document you wish to scan face-down on the glass, then close the cover slowly. Press the printer's "Scan" button and use the arrow buttons to select where you wish to send the scanned document.

Press the "OK" button to finalize the scan's destination. Press the "Color" or "Black" button to choose whether to scan the document in full color.

Wait for the printer to finish scanning the document. Make any changes to the document if you sent it to the computer's scan editing software, then click on "Save" and choose where on the computer's hard drive you want to store the digital file.

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