How to View Pictures in Zip Files

By Michelle L. Cramer

When you receive a number of picture files from someone, you may find that the sender zipped the files in order to make it easier to send all of them at once. Zipping files compresses the file, making them smaller than the original versions. This gives the sender the ability to send a number of files file together, rather than having to send each image individually. However, you can't view the images in a zip file until you extract them.

Step 1

Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows and "E" keys at the same time, or by clicking on the "Start Menu" and selecting "My Computer." Locate the zipped file, with the extension .zip, that contains the picture files you want to view.

Step 2

Right click on the .zip file and select "Extract All." Windows Extraction Wizard will pop up. Click "Next" to start the extraction process.

Step 3

Type the location extension for the folder you want the extracted image files to go to. The Extraction Wizard automatically generates a folder for you in the same location of the original .zip file. It may be easier to do this and just move the image folder later, or you can indicate a specific location. Click "Next."

Step 4

Check the "Show Extracted Files" box in the Extraction Wizard and click "Finish." Windows Explorer will automatically pop up the picture files for you to view.