How to View Picture in Picture on a VIZIO HDTV

By James T Wood

A composite cable with a yellow video connecter and white audio connector.
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Vizio TVs have a picture-in-picture mode as well as a picture-outside-picture mode. The former shows the input from another video source in a smaller window on the screen, and the later shows pictures from two video inputs side by side at the same size. It's important to note that Vizio TVs can only display certain types of input through the PIP/POP display when the TV tuner is being used as the primary display.

Step 1

Press "PIP" on the remote control to engage picture-in-picture mode. Press "PIP" again to engage the picture-outside-picture mode. Press "PIP" one more time to return to normal viewing.

Step 2

Press "P.Size" to choose the size of the PIP window. You can cycle from small to medium to large and back again.

Step 3

Press "P.Input" on the remote to select the input source for the PIP/POP picture. If your main source is tuned to a TV or AV Source -- AV includes both S-Video and composite video -- then the PIP/POP options will be limited to the HDMI, RGB and Component video sources. Note that RGB is a computer connection.

Step 4

Press "P.Ch" on the remote to change the channel on the TV when the television is the selected PIP/POP source.

Step 5

Press "P.Audio" to swap from the main audio to the PIP/POP audio source and back again.