How to Pick up Email Anywhere

by Contributor

Email has become a necessity in this day in age. Some people check it more than they do phone messages, because the bulk of many people’s correspondence comes through the computer and not the phone anymore. Traveling can be hard on email addicts, but it is not the end of the world. Read on to learn how to pick up email anywhere.

Set up an email account with a free service such as Gmail and Hotmail. Your work may offer you an email address that is good to use in the office. However, depending on the program many inter-office email addresses cannot be checked when you are away from the computer at your desk. These free services can be checked anywhere.

Find a computer wherever you are. Many hotels and coffee shops have computers available for patrons to use. If the place you are at does not offer a free computer service, ask if they know any local businesses that will allow patrons to use a computer.

Check to see if the computer you finally locate has Internet capabilities. If it does, you can simply go online and type in the website where your email is housed. Here you can enter your user name and password just like you would from home and your email will be shown.

Purchase a cellular phone that has Internet capabilities. Many phones have the ability to surf the Internet just like a computer, and they can do it from anywhere you can get a cell phone signal. This means your email checking options are limitless. There is usually an extra charge on your monthly wireless bill for you to have access to the Internet on your phone.

Take your laptop with you and seek out a strong Internet signal that is not locked or secured. This will allow you to check your email by using your computer's WiFi antenna.

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