How to Pick Up Digital Channels Without an Antenna

By Stephen Lilley

i Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are exactly two ways to pick up digital channels on your television set: You can use a digital antenna, available at most major electronics retailers, or you can sign up for a digital cable television service. While the digital antenna comes with a simple one-time fee, it also comes with a limited number of channel selections. Digital cable comes with a monthly fee but offers dozens (and in some cases hundreds) of digital stations.

Step 1

Compare prices for digital cable services in your area. Companies like DirecTV and Comcast (see References) offer digital channel packages in exchange for a monthly fee. Often, discounts can be applied if you purchase cable television, Internet and phone service from the same provider. Details on monthly plans and included features can be found on the appropriate company's website.

Step 2

Call the cable company you have selected and set up an appointment for service installation. You will have to pay a one-time installation fee as well as begin paying your monthly cable bill. To get this process started, call the customer support line for the service provider you have selected. The customer support line for your cable company can be found on their website.

Step 3

Wait a few days for a customer support technician to come to your home. They will bring with them the appropriate equipment to get digital channels broadcast into your home, as well as the receiver box necessary to transmit the channels to your television. The technician will completely set up the service, as paid for by your installation fee. Once this process is complete you will be picking up digital channels (without using an antenna) on your television set.