How to Pick Your Home Page

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When you pick a home page, you will have your options for emailing, instant messaging and performing Web searches close by for easy access. Your home page should be one that lets you perform your needed activities right away, and that includes news pages or the RSS feeds you want to read on a daily basis. Be sure to set your chosen home page as the default home page in your Web browser.

Discover Home Page Possibilities

Consider using your email provider's main page as your home page. For example, if you have a Hotmail account or an MSN-based email address, you might choose as your home page. You can access your email easily as well as read top news stories of the day.

Think about which Web page you visit first when you open your Web browser. If there's one site you visit daily, this would make a convenient home page pick. You might have a work-related site you need to access frequently, for example.

Ask your ISP about customized home pages. Many providers, such as AT&T; Yahoo!, offer subscribers a customized home page with features unique to their users (account status and online billpay are frequently offered).

Pick your home page after considering the above possibilities. Set your desired home page as the default home page in your Web browser (see specific instructions in following sections).

Set Your Home Page in Internet Explorer

Open a new window of Internet Explorer.

Click on the Tools tab and select General.

Type the address of your preferred home page in the Home Page field.

Click the 'OK' button.

Set Your Home Page in Netscape

Click on Edit in the top menu bar and then select Preferences.

Type your preferred home page URL into the Home Page field.

Click 'OK.'

Set Your Home Page in Firefox

Open a new Mozilla Firefox window.

Click Tools from the top menu bar and select Options.

Click on the Main tab.

Type your new home page URL into the field marked Home Page.

Click the 'OK' button.


  • check Before you download a new browser, make sure your computer meets the basic system requirements.
  • check If you need help using a browser, you can open the Help menu from within the browser window, or visit the manufacturer's Web site to look for forums, FAQs and tips and tricks.


  • close It's important to upgrade your Web browser when prompted. You will get improved security and features to help you use your home page more effectively.
  • close These steps were written using a PC and Windows XP. If you're running a different operating system, some steps may differ.

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