How to Find Photos on a Windows Hard Drive

By Melissa King

The Windows 7 search bar makes it simple to find all your photos.
i Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

In the past, saving your favorite photos meant mounting them on the pages of a photo album. With a computer, though, you can save and organize hundreds of digital photos on your hard drive. This is convenient, but if you have a lot of photos on your computer, some of them can be hard to find. Use the Windows search bar to look for missing photos.

Click the "Start" button, and then type "kind:pictures" into the search box. If you know the picture's file type, enter "type:". After this, enter the file's type, such as JPG or GIF. A list of results appears.

Click on "Pictures." Your picture library opens, displaying all photos and images on the computer. If you searched by file type, all files of that type on the computer are shown.

Scroll through the results to find the picture you want. Double-click the picture to open it.