How to Get Photos From an SD Card to a Laptop

by Lindsay Howell

SD memory cards are used in many digital cameras to store photos and videos. If you want to connect an SD card into a laptop to move photos to your laptop, you need to determine if your laptop natively supports SD cards. Look in your laptop's user manual to see if it has an SD card port. Do not worry if your laptop does not have one because you can use a USB SD card reader to connect your SD card to your laptop.

Plug the SD card into an SD card reader if you are using one.

Insert the USB end of the SD card reader into the laptop's USB port.

Insert the SD card into the laptop's SD card port if the laptop has an SD card port. A box labeled "Autoplay" appears.

Click "All Files" in the "Autoplay" box. Locate the photo that you want to move to the laptop.

Highlight the photo files and drag them to the laptop's desktop or an open folder.

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