How to Take Photos Off an iPod

by Trisha Bartle

Whether you want to delete the photos for good or get them onto your computer, there's a method for taking photos off an iPod. This will give you control over any photos that have been added to your media device. You can take off just a few pictures or the whole album if you'd like. While some settings might need to be changed on your iPod, this method takes very few steps.

Connect your iPod to your computer using the iPod USB connector. Your iPod's screen should say "Connected" when properly plugged in.

Open iTunes software. Click on your iPod's name in the left-hand menu. Under "Options" in the "Summary" panel, click "Enable disk use." This will allow you to delete files with "My Computer" without changing how you listen to music.

Navigate to your iPod using "My Computer" from the "Start" menu. Double click on the iPod folder, then double-click on the "Photos" folder. From here, you'll find all the pictures on your iPod. To put selected pictures from your iPod to your computer, drag them to your desktop or copy them to a new folder.

Delete pictures from your iPod by selecting them and hitting the "Delete" key on your keyboard. Delete selected pictures one by one or delete your entire photo library.

Navigate back to iTunes after taking your photos off your iPod. Click the eject icon next to the name of your iPod to safely eject it from your computer. When your iPod shows the main screen again, you can now safely unhook it from the USB cord.


  • close If you delete pictures from an iPod without transferring them to your computer, they will be lost forever. Make sure you really don't want them before pressing "Delete."

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