How to Get a Photo From a T139 Samsung Phone

by Mandy Slake

The Samsung SGH-T139 does not have the ability to transfer pictures using a data cable or memory card. However, the photos aren't stuck on the phone forever. Users can still send photos to their computer using the phone's email client. The SGH-T139 only has 10 megabytes of internal memory, so if the user wants to take a lot of photos, they will need to transfer the pictures over the air.

Press the "Menu" button to open the main menu on the T139.

Press "5" to open the "Messages" menu.

Press "1" to select "Create Message."

Press "2" to open the "Picture Message" option.

Highlight "Image" and press the "Add" soft key, then press "2" to select "Photos."

Scroll to the photo you want to transfer, then press the soft key under "Add" and select "Send to."

Press "3" to select "New Recipient" then press "2" to select "Email Address."

Type your email address and press the soft key under "Send."


  • check You can send pictures from your computer to your T139 by sending an email to your 10-digit phone number


  • close There may be charges for data transfer for sending and receiving photos.