How to Find My Phone's CID Numbers

by Naoma Serna
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It can be frustrating when the cell phone rings and you can´t get there fast enough to answer it. The problem is made even worse when you have no idea who called. You want to know who it was, but don´t have caller identification (CID) installed on your phone. The good news is that there is a way to find the number from the last person who called you.

Finding missed calls

Step 1

Look for a button on the cell phone keys that says "CID." Press it and a list of the "missed calls" will appear on the phone display screen. Push the up or down arrow to find out who the most recent phone call was from. On most cell phones the last call will be displayed first.

Step 2

Press the "*69" keys in sequence and hit the talk button. Wait for an automated answer informing you of the last phone number that called your line.

Call your phone service provider if "*69" is unable to provide you with the information. Ask the customer service representative to look up your phone records and give you the number that called at the specific date and time of the missed phone call.


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