How to Find a Phone Number From England

by Elyse Gibbons
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Finding the phone number to a person or business in England, or the United Kingdom, can be easy if you have the right information and access to the Internet. Likewise, if you want to trace a phone number from England, there are many resources available for a small monthly fee. Finding a number from England has never been so streamlined.

Step 1

Make sure you have the specific information required to conduct your search. The person's or business's name, even a location, will help.

Step 2

Look up a person's or business' telephone number through an online UK phone book, such as the BT Phone Directory. You can also try searching through the UK Electoral Roll if the phone book search proves unsuccessful. The UK Electoral Roll is a paid service, but the fee allows access to contact information for all of the United Kingdom's voters.

To find the owner of an England mobile phone number, visit a free online mobile phone directory, such as It is an online directory with a special section specifically for phone numbers that originate from England. On the website, enter a phone number and the directory will release information from its database. You can also register with a mobile phone tracing company, such as, which allows you to trace mobile phone numbers in the United Kingdom. This service does have a monthly fee, however.


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