How to Find a 866 Phone Number

By Camilla Peters

Phone books are a great resource to finding phone numbers, but they are limited when it comes to 866 or any type of toll-free number. There are options available, both on the Internet and over the phone, that will allow you to search for a toll-free number without any charge.

Find a 866 Number By Using

Go to

Locate the search form on the website.

Enter the name of the business or individual in the search form.

Click "Find."

Review the results for the phone number.

Find a 866 Number By Using ChaCha

Dial (800) 2-CHACHA from your cell phone.

Say, "I would like the toll-free number for ..." (include the name associated with the number that you would like to find) after the beep.

Hang up.

Read the text message that will arrive on your cell phone that contains the phone number. The information will arrive within a few minutes.