How to Find a 866 Phone Number

by Camilla Peters

Phone books are a great resource to finding phone numbers, but they are limited when it comes to 866 or any type of toll-free number. There are options available, both on the Internet and over the phone, that will allow you to search for a toll-free number without any charge.

Find a 866 Number By Using AnyWho.com

Step 1

Go to www.anywho.com/tf.html.

Step 2

Locate the search form on the website.

Step 3

Enter the name of the business or individual in the search form.

Step 4

Click "Find."

Review the results for the phone number.

Find a 866 Number By Using ChaCha

Step 1

Dial (800) 2-CHACHA from your cell phone.

Step 2

Say, "I would like the toll-free number for ..." (include the name associated with the number that you would like to find) after the beep.

Step 3

Hang up.

Read the text message that will arrive on your cell phone that contains the phone number. The information will arrive within a few minutes.


  • ChaCha is a free service; however, standard text-messaging charges will apply. You can also ask ChaCha for an 866 number by sending a text question to 242242.

Items you will need

  • Internet connection
  • Telephone

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