How to Find a Philips Remote Model Number

By Charlotte Mission

If your remote doesn't work, don't panic.
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Philips' remote controls are widely used for many types and brands of electronics. Despite this variety, Philips keeps the model number of its remotes uniform to help customers easily find product support or replacement parts. The model number for Philips products, including remotes, begins with two letters. The numbers that follow usually contain four digits, but it may be more depending on the product. There are three way to locate the model number of your Philips remote.

Step 1

Look on your remote's original box. The model number is printed under the name of the remote on the front of the box as well as on the side or back of the box with the product specifications. If you do not have the box, continue to step two.

Step 2

Look at the top of the manual that came with the remote. The model number is either located under or next to the name of the remote. If you do not have the manual, continue to step three.

Step 3

Take off the cover for the battery compartment and remove the batteries to reveal the model number inside the back of the remote.